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Thread: dynamix keep telling fairy tale

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    dynamix keep telling fairy tale

    first sorry about my english correct my english if there's any mispelling

    to those who about to buy something at dynamix web site i advice u all to call and check them first make sure it's in stock it's clearly stated at their web site the item it's in stock and ready to ship out the same day
    i odered D.816 on wed 07/18 and was choose 2nd day ship , after that i call them for tracking info the person name stephanie told me, that they dont have in stock till later this afternoon and we "probaly" ship your order friday the 20th and it will arrive on tuesday. we'll email u with tracking info tonite thu. the 19, but there was no email, so fri 20th i called them again same person told me [ the stock not in yet but it "probably" in on monday]

    i also remember 1 the member here also experienced the same thing before

    so i just told her that i want my money back
    and odered lili 889gl at mp3car

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    Another problem with dynamix is that the specs listed on their website aren't always correct...and when I notifiy them about the problem, they acknowledge that it's incorrect but they never change it.

    Dynamix also does ebay auctions which usually go for alot less then the price on their website

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