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Thread: Lilliput touchscreen has to be replugged in everytime pc is turned on!

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    Lilliput touchscreen has to be replugged in everytime pc is turned on!

    Hi all, i have jsut installed my touchscreen in my car and everythings owrks fine bar a few minor probs one of which is that everytime i turn on the computer in my car i have to unplug and then plug in the usb connector from the monitor into the pc/usb extension cable.
    As soon as i plug it in again it works fine but once computer turns off and is turned back on the touchscreen does not work at all.

    The odd times when i have turned it back on if i kept touching on the screen it would beep once and indicate a touch but not where i actually pressed and then that was it.

    As soon as i re-seat the connector all is fine.

    I have no idea why but i'd like the sorted asap as my connector is right under my centre console so i have to take it all apart again to get touchscreen working each itme i start the car!

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    It is connected to a 3m extension lead which is connected directly to the motherboard

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    Is the touchscreen not recognized by windows or does it just not work?

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    After much searching i believe the prob is the same as what a lot of people were having, which is that when windows awakes fom hibernation the USB devices do not.
    I read about devcon etc but im not keep on the idea of adding something to my start up for fear of it slowing up the start up process.

    Also i have no knowledge of coding and so therefore im not sure i would be able to use it.

    Is there no alternative solution anyone has found to this prob?
    IE a patch for windows or for the motherboard drivers.

    As in my house my pc running XP SP2 (same as car) has no probs resuming from hibernation with USB device functionality.

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