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Thread: Problem with lcd screen

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    Problem with lcd screen


    I still have the problem with my lcd lilliput screen, exactly with connection from laptop Pc to lcd screen and interferences that are on the screen.
    When the laptop is connected to DC-DC converter there are mutliple interferences on lcd that are very anoing, the view is bad specially seen on dark screen. When the laptop works only on batteries the lcd is perfect and no interferences are shown on the lcd. I changed the dc-dc converter but it didin't work, I tried to connect the dc converter directly to car accu but it neither helped...I heard that the vga cable supported with lilliput lcd screen may couse the interferences to occur? where can I buy such a special cable? or maybe you have any other ideas what may couse this problem? didnt' u ever had a problem like this? maybe some filter on dc-dc will help? any ideas?

    thanks in advance
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    You need to put a toroidal inductor and a diode in series with the LCD's power supply line. This will filter out the PWM signal generated by the DC-DC and the diode protects the inductor from negative voltage spikes.
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    is this something you can get at radio shack?

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