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Thread: Lilliput- Drivers installed, No touch?

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    Lilliput- Drivers installed, No touch?

    Okay, I've been trying to get this to work for nearly a year. Originally, I ordered a Lilliput screen and couldn't get the touch part to work so I hooked it up to a regular PC in the house one day and POW randomly, the touchscreen started to work. Fabulous. Now I have it hooked up to a freshly formatted XP machine, drivers installed and the USB recognized, but I can tap that screen all day and it will not work.

    I'm at wits end. I finally am asking for some help. Please, if you have any ideas, let me know.

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    On my 619, it sometimes unchecks the tickbox for allowing touchscreen on the software FOR NO REASON WHICH ANNOYS ME. Anyway, open up the touchkit configure utility and see if the box is ticked - I cant remember exactly where it is (not had the screen long) but its like the second one down in a small list of boxes. I think under advanced.
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    Thanks for the replies.

    Alright, so I found what seems to be a solution-- although annoying, it's a solution. This is my story:

    What's Happening?:

    Okay, so I was sitting in my car, of course, using my CarPuter one day and I decided that it would be silly to keep my mouse plugged in if I have a touch screen. Duh, right? Well, I decided to unplug it. Now, the next time I booted the system, *GASP*, my touchscreen did not work any more. Crap.

    So, what changed? I asked myself and I remembered that I had removed the mouse. Okay. Lets not do that again. Reinstall XP. Crap.

    Anyway, I could go through all of the examples, but in the interest of me being lazy and lacking the will to type them all, it seems to be having an issue with the USB/PS2 ports on my computer. If I removed a piece of hardware while using the touchscreen, or removed a piece while the computer was off and not replacing it while it was on, or added a piece of hardware in the same fashion, the system would.. throw out the touchscreen. Oh, I'd still get a picture of course, just.. no touch.

    How'd you fix it?:

    Well, after very much aggravation, I conceded to finding a less than permanent solution. I plugged all the available ports in my computer with something. If by chance something comes out, I go to the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot and uninstall the touchscreen, reboot, let Windows find a driver online, install the touchscreen software (which, btw, removes the driver Windows downloaded, go into device manager and search for changed hardware, let Windows install the driver again and reconfigure the touchscreen.


    I'm sure you can see why this is an issue. Haha. Anyway, voila. That's how I did it. Any poor soul that may have a similar issue can find his/her answer here. I recieved a message from another user suggesting contacting Lilliput directly. I may try that next.

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