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Thread: Xenarc with Mini Itx and Powerstrip

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    Xenarc with Mini Itx and Powerstrip

    Like everyone else, I'm trying to display windows in 800 x480 on my Xenarc screen, but I'm having trouble using Powerstrip.

    I read that Powerstrip is not compatable with hardware.
    Has anyone else managed to display 800x480 on this screen using the on board graphics on the miniItx board?

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    I have an eden 533 (in a box somewhere - not in use anymore!) but have never tried powerstrip. However before I learnt that powerstrip could specify custom resolutions I had to modify my geforce detonator drivers to support the native pal and ntsc resolutions. To do this I had to modify an INF file that installed the driver. If you want me to try and add this res to your inf file, please e-mail or PM me the inf file from the driver you have.


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