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Thread: will a 7" touchscreen work with 8" lcd and controller?

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    will a 7" touchscreen work with 8" lcd and controller?

    does anybody know if a replacement lilliput 7" 619 widescreen touchscreen will work with an 8" lilliput widescreen touchscreen controller board and lcd? i know they're both a 4 wire resistive panel. i broke the touchpanel, but the lcd still works, and i can't find an 8" replaement. or if anybody knows where i can find an 8" widescreen replacement that would be helpful too. Thanks!

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    you shoud try digitallww or cartft

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    i dont see how that would work.. you would see the outline of the 7" touchscreen on the 8inch display. Why not just get the matching ones you need.. they're the same price. Check digitalWW and ebay. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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