Just upgraded to 9" widescreen ProVision touchscreen from http://www.provisiontvusa.com/products.htm

from a lilliput 8". I had a ton of pics on my cellhpone but it was stolen today so more and new pics to come soon. Specs are:

- 9.2" Viewing Touch Panel
Resolution : 320x200/640x200/640x350/640x480/800x600
/1024x768 and 1280x1024
- Dimension : H6-3/4" W9" T1-1/22"
- Aspect Ratio : 16:9
- On Screen Display Control
- 2 Video Inputs
- 1 VGA Input (as a computer monitor)

In my findings the specs are way off as for resolution. It CAN do 1280x1024 but it scrolls the screen. I can run it up to 1152 x 864 and it looks pretty nice. The image quality is far superior to the Lilli and I am very happy. Looks very crisp and much brighter. Its very easy to read in bright daylight compared to the lilli. Software installation went without a hitch and so did the ts drivers and calibration. The right mouse function is updated and looks nice. In short very nice for those looking to go bigger than 7" and wanting a widescreen but the 10" is just too big for your dash.

Pros: bright, super high res (1152x864) crisp text and many resolution options. Looks very crisp at 800x600 for most front ends. Install of drivers and calibration was a breeze. Auto turn on with video signal.

Cons: No power adapter for use with an inverter for running the screen with the ignition key off. It runs on 12v. This can be easily fixed with a 12v adapter. No S-video input.