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Thread: Looking for suggestion on what company for touchscreen overlays

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    Looking for suggestion on what company for touchscreen overlays

    I have done a search for touchscreen / tuochscreen overlays / overlay and haven't really found any info that I am looking for.

    I would like to get suggestions on who I should purchase a touchscreen overlay and controller from. I have done general searches on teh internet and found lots of manufacturers, but not any places to buy.

    I was hoping I could get feedback from someone that may have purchased one from a compnay that delivered a good product at a good price.

    So far I have found MILES in UK, but was hoping to find someone in the U.S. I am looking for a 6.4" overlay.

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    569 have them 199 for 6.4,7.4, or 8.4.... a bit steep
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