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Thread: True sunlight readable is coming....

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    True sunlight readable is coming....

    got this in popular science today.

    instead of adding brightness which drowns out colors, this is the latest tech coming for lcd's. it even mentions it should come out for all touchscreens, though I doubt china made lilliput will try this technology.

    when will sunlight readable be cheap like every other kind of pc technology?


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    Thanks for the link. This article from Rugged PC Review provides some details. I haven't finished reading it yet:

    It looks like the DynaVue displays will only be offered in the Itronix systems.

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    that looks awesome, however where are they : ) I'm not about to spend $4k to rip the LCd out of it... I wonder if you can call the parts dept and get a replacement LCD at a decent price.

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    The Rugged PC Review is one of the best consolidated articles on LCD visibility that I have found! I have a better appreciation for the factors involved with optically matching the touchscreens for the transflective upgrades.

    Check out the ECR table on the last page. The Dell ATG, which has an optically bonded AR cover glass but NO touchscreen, boasts the highest ECR of 11:1! Wow.

    There are many shops that repair Dell laptops so they would probably talk single quantity with you for a replacement ATG panel. I'll bet it is expensive. The problem is that the panels would be too large for most car PC projects.

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    I dug into anti-reflective (AR) information and here are a few links of interest:

    Reflection Concepts
    AR Coatings
    World's First Ideal Anti-reflection Coating

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