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Thread: controller for Lp150X04

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    Congratulation! A glorious victory of a brilliant mind over the material world

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    Here's a pic

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    Would it be possible to post the LVDS pin configuration for your board? Also, what method did you use to discover the LVDS pinouts for the board? Did TYWONG888 finally give you the spec sheets?

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    Thanks to wired48 for helping me put this together
    thanks to him my lcd panel lives

    this is what I have for the lcd panel
    Rear View pins

    1 Vcc Power(3.3V)
    2 Vcc Power(3.3V)
    3 GND Ground
    4 GND Ground
    5 A1M Differential Signal
    6 A1P Differential Signal
    7 GND Ground
    8 A2M Differential Signal
    9 A2P Differential Signal
    10 GND Ground
    11 A3M Differential Signal
    12 A3P Differential Signal
    13 GND Ground
    14 CLKM Differential Signal
    15 CLKP Differential Signal
    16 GND Ground
    17 NC No Connection
    18 NC No Connection
    19 GND Ground
    20 GND Ground

    And from what he told me...

    LCD controller lvds pinout for the tywong888 board ...
    white triangle on board is pin 1

    1 VCC
    2 VCC
    3 NC
    4 GRD
    5 GRD
    6 GRD
    7 A1M
    8 A1P
    9 A2M
    10 A2P
    11 A3M
    12 A3P
    13 GRD
    14 GRD
    15 CLKM
    16 CLKP
    17 NC
    18 NC
    19 NC
    20 NC
    21 thru 30 NC and had no plug on them

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    I'm new here and i just registered because of this thread (...for now.. maybe for something else later ^^)

    anyways... i've got a controller from tywong888 on ebay. a friend bought it for his LCD, but tywong shipped a wrong connection cable (didn't fit on his LCD).
    after almost 6months he sold it to me.
    well.. i've got 4 LCDs here to play around with..
    the problem is... the controller board i have here differs from the one in the auction pictures o.O

    the connectors are different too.

    any chance to find a pinout or adapt the known pinout (in athlonxps post) to this board?!

    the controller seems to work. when i give it a signal the LED on the keyboard PCB turns green. but i didnt get a picture out of it so far... (only fullscreen-color-mess)

    here are some pics of what i've got...


    the connector next to the Realtek RTD2013B Chip has 30pins and is named "CN12".
    the connector next to it is named "CN11" and has 40pins
    the connector to the right is named "CN13" and has 30pins

    the two flex-cable connectors (CN14 and CN16) seem to be connected to CN11 and 13.

    any ideas...?!


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    Yazoo87, do you have the pinout for your lcd panel?
    The controller is different but if it has the lvds connection in the same spot and if it is wired the same it should work. in your pictures there is a 30 pin connection right above the realtek chip (looking at the chip with writing right side up). This 30 pins look the same as mine. if your lcd panel is lvds driven once you find it's pinout you should be able to try the pinout listed above. Do you have a picture of the cable he sent and the info about the lcd panel it was supposed to connect to and what your panels are?

    I also cheated on the grounds for my lcd. I didn't connect them individually. the ground wires from my original lcd were bare and all wraped around the rest of the wires. because they all were connected already and so were all the ones on the tywong board I just connected all the grounds together.

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    i couldnt find the datasheet for the panel i wanted to use. its a Samsung LT141X6-122 (14.1" XGA).

    but i found a datasheet (with pinouts) for a Samsung LT133X6-122 (13.3" XGA) which seems to be identical to mine but smaller (its even made in the same year as my 14" one)

    i tried to connect it to your pinout on page1 of this thread, but all i got on the LCD were some weird colors (with a signal going into the "tywong-controller")

    the problem with the original LCD cable is: there is none -.-

    the guy who bought it from tywong tried to fit a matching connector for his LCD on it, failed, and threw it away before he sold it to me (and i thought its still there when i bought it)

    i'm using a connector & cables that came with the Samsung LCD (out of a Toshiba Satellite Pro 4300 laptop with faulty mainboard)

    well... i've got 2 other LCD panels to play around with, but the Samsung is probably the easiest of all (LVDS and a matching connector/cable).

    other LCDs:
    IBM ITSX91 (13.7" SXGA (1280x1024)) from a dead Thinkpad 770X .. has lots of dead pixels
    LG-Philips LM151X2 (15.1" XGA) ... but seems to be TTL...

    ill try to wire the samsung lcd up again tomorrow... its 3:50 AM here now

    but thx for answering
    and sorry for my kinda weird english

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    "Only one great danger is peeping you behind the corner: when any of your equipments is a 5-pair LVDS. Hopefully I have seen it only once in a notebook...."

    I have bought a controller from tywong888 ebay, the pin assignment for this controller
    show 3 pairs of transmitters and 1 pair of clock signal.
    My screen have 4 pairs of receivers and 1 pair of clock signal .
    after connecting them it works except the image is very faint and the light coming from the screen is very bright.I played with the adjustments but didn't make a difference.
    So how do you think this situation can be resolved? it seems the chip on the controller (RTD2523B) can support the screen .

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    well.. hi again.

    i still didn't manage to get this sh*** working... makes me kinda angry -.-

    however... i got my trusty old xerox multimeter out and went through all 30 pins of the connector next to the Realtek chip.

    suprise! its pinout is completely different from the one athlonxp2300 posted on the first page of this thread

    god damn.. i'll never buy a "tywong controller" again -.-!


    i'm talking about the connector directly next to the realtek chip.

    pin 1 is (looking at the same perspective as on the photo) left end, lower pin.

    Those pins are connected to GND:

    and this is a chart for the different voltages coming out of those non-GND pins with a VGA signal going into the controller... (green LED on the keyboard PCB)

    a bit much for LVDS signals eh?

    however... the other 30pin connector (the right one of the 2 next to each other) has lots of 0,2V pins.. but the pinout still differs from the one on page 1 of this thread.

    i'll add the pinouts for this connector later... i'm too angry to keep messing around without hitting this fu****ing controller with a sledgehammer *grrrr*

    but BTW:

    if i only connect the wires for the LCD electronics (those 3,3V) without a signal on the LVDS wires (not connected anywhere)... what SHOULD happen with the LCD?!

    should it get completely black (instead of white (only with backlight)) or could it display some weird messed up **** because of the missing signals...?!

    i'm just asking because my display isn't completely black but fades in and out with random colors and patterns... and i have absolutely no idea if that's OK or my LCD is f***ed up...

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    It has been almost 3 years since the last post so I'll close the thread. You can PM me if you need any assistance.

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