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Thread: adding a WXGA screen to my carPC

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    Question adding a WXGA screen to my carPC

    Hello everyone :

    I have been looking for help in my next project and I found this forum, I believe that here you can help me

    I have a carPC self made installed in my card with a basic setup of a tabletPC, and I would now to incorporate a "cinema" screen for the rear seats

    I have a T230XW01 from AU Optronics, but it have a 1ch LVDS, my question, what I need to connect it to the VGA 15-pins output of the tablePC ??, and how much can it cost ??

    the screen, I have it "naked" meaning that I do not have any controler or other if it comes apart (not inside the metal body of the screen). The screen have 2 set of 3 double wires (blue, pink and white) for what I believe in the light, and a flat connector of about 30 contacts

    I have been searching and the thing I could found is a controler like :
    is that what I would need ??, that provide me also the power for the light ??, and about which price should I pay for that ??

    thanks in advance

    the LCD screen I have :

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    try this one:
    Just beware: Even though you send him the panel number you will NOT get the correct cable. Try downloading the datasheet for the panel as you will have to resolder the end of the flat cable to the cable he will send you. I got one a while ago and got a working about five days ago. Delivery will take about two months.

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