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    Screen Setup

    OK I have been searching this site for some time to find an answer. I found a couple things that I would thought help but have not. I have the non motorized screen in my 2003 eclipse. I have power from the screen going directly to the battery with a fuse and relay switch connected to the power line. I also have it grounded to the same spot as my car stereo. My screen seems to be flashing and moving a little and it is not always completely a clear picture. When I bring up the menu for the screen it doesn't do what the picture does(doesn't shake, move or anything) I have looked at my settings and found nothing that seems to make this better. Is there any ideas on what could be the problem? This is getting really annoying and I am not sure what to do about it

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    anything? Could it be a bad vga cable? Interfearance with the vga cable? I am looking for any options

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    sounds like a really bad source (are you using RCA?) OR it is a bad ground / +12v connection...

    if the menus are fine, but the source is bad, you need to double check all your connections...

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    I have checked all my connections and they are good. I am using the same ground for my screen that I use for my stereo. That is why i am starting to think that it might be my VGA cable.

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