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Thread: 5.7" touchscreem + controller Group buy

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    I also recently tried to order from Charles at Jaco, he took my number and said he would get back to me with prices and he never called back. I called him back a week later and he said USB controller was out of stock. He gave me a rep number for someone closer to my location and they also took my number and never called back. So far not happy with Jaco.

    Can you give me the pricing info so I can try ordering from Reptron and get a similiar deal?


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    Yeah Jaco was out fo stock when I called them too. Like I siad, before they just sold 487 some units the day before I called them. So JACO as a company has no units for at aleast a couple of weeks.

    All of the info form my post on 10-10-2002 05:08 PM earlier in this thread is from reptron electronics. I would ask them about matching the pricing from Jaco.
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