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Thread: lcd adapting?

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    lcd adapting?

    well i picked up a old dsu/csu modem unit at a garage sale for free gutted it and used the case for my epia 800 motherboard and hard drive but as a nice possible bonus it had a character lcd display with el backlighting with the inverter for the el but i accidently broke the transformer anyways long story short i am wondering if it is possible to use this as a regular lcd module for like winamp and stuff
    according to the sticker the module is made by densitron and i guess the model number is
    it has three chips on it marked
    it also has a 28 pin connecter but of course no markings and i can't seem to find any info on it so maybe someone know something about it
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    Hmm, HD44100fs? i wonder if thats like the HD44700, which is a very very common lcd control chip, and almost all lcd software is written to work with it.

    Although i dont know what the 28 pins are for, as most HD44700 lcds have about 16 pins.

    try a search on google for the screen number, and the different chip numbers. also, for more info on standard hd44700 screens and hooking them up, search for hd44700 interface or something similar.
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    I believe the 44100 is the backend chip of the set, the lcd driver
    sorta like like northbridge -southbridge

    since you have no controller 44780/whatever chip you will be doing lots of programming...


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