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Thread: TOUGHBOOK CF-27 Screen

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    TOUGHBOOK CF-27 Screen

    Hey , so i was checking out e-bay for some cheap touchscreens and i found some Panasonic TOUGHBOOK CF-27 with a touchscreen ... so i was thinking do you guys think there is a way to take off the screen from the laptop and use it with another computer, cause this thing is really old like P2 300Mhz, 64mb ram just a joke ... and the whole laptop is like 50 bucks ... I also found a LG LP133X09 13.3 TOUCHSCREEN LCD FROM TOUGHBOOK CF-73 mabe it will work too...
    i`ll be waiting for ideas
    i searched the forum but didn`t find anything about it ... sorry if i missed something...

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    this isn't too practical, you'll need a controller for the lcd, & a touch controller, in the end you'll spend more than buying a whole screen. the toughbook screens had an antireflective coating on them that scratched easily & most used older toughbooks may work fine, but the screen is usually a bit beat up looking if you care about that..

    the most practical way to do what your thinking is to get a toughbook that's powerful enough to be your carpc, then it can run the screen too, still might be a reasonable way to go & might be a cost effective package, if your very handy with electronics & working with something like that. thers still ribbon cables & mounting of components to deal with...

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