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Thread: LinITX touchscreen probs

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    LinITX touchscreen probs

    My LinITX 8" monitor has always worked perfect during the 2 years I've had it but recently I've had problems with the touch screen. Sometimes the pointer is "locked" to the far left on the panel and I can only control it up and down. Sometimes the pointer locks up some place on the screen and is completly frozen. I've also had a the pointer off calibration by an inch or so. Most of the time it starts to work normal after some time, like when the screen/car gets warmer. TS is connected to a non powerd HUB. Maybe its a power/voltage issue?

    Suggestions anyone??

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    Resistive touchscreens do not last forever and the touchscreen itself may start to die out after an x number of touches. You can try to loosen up some of the screws holding the touchpanel and see if that helps. Try to loosen anything that is in contact with the touchpanel because maybe the bezel is pressing on the touchscreen somewhere.

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