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Thread: New xenarc 700tsv touchscreen moving around

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    New xenarc 700tsv touchscreen moving around

    As I stated in the title I just received a new xenarc 700tsv and it looks really good however, touch screen mechanism moves up, down, left and right for couple of mm. If I push it all the way up and calibrate it, then pull it down and check the calibration I find out that it is off by a distance equal to the movement it made. Now my question is does anyone else experience this or how normal is this? Also should I just send it back for a replacement. Thank you

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    It could be fixed but you would have to open it to do that. Since its under warrenty I'd just send it back. I sent my 700IDT back twice when I bought it new before they got it fixed right.
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    There are 4 screws internally that act on little metal strips to clamp the screen elements to the face frame. Sounds like they weren't tightened enough - or perhaps overtightened and stripped out - in either case if it's under warranty, it needs to go back.

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    Thanks guys, I will send it back then.

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