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Thread: Non function of touch screen

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    Non function of touch screen

    A recent purchase of a Shark 8 inch touch screen from the goodeals people ,is to me not working. Touch screens are new to me. I am hoping to mount this screen on a sewing machine for functioning of a robot. The screen display is fine and after installing the software and connecting the USB I no longer have a functional PS2 mouse conection. The stylist does move the pointer on the screen but I have no way of left or right clicking and tapping on a button on the screen causes no response.

    Anyone with ideas please respond. If you have a suggestion of alternate model or drivers I want to try. If you would like to communicate by phone contact me by email to [email protected]

    I am deffinetly a newby at touch screens and my interest isn't with building something for a car but my vision of use with the sewing machine and the PC Quilter will be a HIT if I can just make it work.


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    Would suggest replacing the touchscreen drivers with the drivers from this site:

    CD I got with the 7" screen was bad and found these to work well(I believe they are the same ones sent on the CD with the screen)

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    nobody is going to email you or call you... this is an all volunteer forum, you need to come back to check for answers... also, you should never post your email address in a forum, it will be picked up by spam bots and you'll start getting loads of crap in your inbox.

    as for your question, tap the screen for the "left mouse click" and tap-and-hold for the "right mouse click" (depending on the touchscreen software you may have to manually turn on the right click function in the touchscreen's settings).

    that's odd that the touchscreen disabled your PS2 mouse, try going into your mouse control panel and setting your mouse to "enabled"

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