Ok, so I'm thinking of using the HR-702 for my display since I can use the mounting bracket in my dash and make the install look a lot cleaner. My question is, how's the performance? I know the new Lilliputs have better backlighting now but, should this be enough to lure me in? Also, the 702 description says I don't need the cigarette lighter to power it. Does it come with some sort of cabling that makes hooking up power easier? I read that it comes with a stylus, now not to be ignorant but, that doesn't mean it NEEDS a stylus to be used does it? I only ask because I know some displays require a stylus to be used (active digitizer). While we are on touchscreen input, I read that Lilliputs require you to use a finger nail as opposed to finger tip, is this cumbersome? I know, I know, a lot of questions here but, I'd like to get this right on the first shot. Being married, I don't have a lot of expendable cash. Thanks for any info you all can give.