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Thread: Sideshow display technology

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    Sideshow display technology

    Finally new displays are coming for those who are willing to move to Vista.

    Basically you can use this to display something else than your main car display which, as typical in a car, usually has very limited real state. You can display RSS NEWS feeds, MP3 song info, Weather, clock, chrono (or other gauges), xm radio front end, slideshow pictures, or simply just a fancy calendar etc.

    It's already on sale for $120.00 here (

    Ricavision also sells a very fancy remote here (, but it seems too expensive.

    There is some technical info here (.pdf file)

    12.2 Features
    �� Comply with Bluetooth® Wireless Technology Specification V1.2
    �� Support up to 7 ACL connection and 3 SCO connection
    �� Support Faster connection, Flush timeout, Synchronization, LMP improvements, AFH,
    Parameter ranges and LMP SCO Handle.
    �� Up to 12 PIO/ 2 AIO pin definitions is ideally suited for rapid embedded development any
    kind of products.
    �� 13 bit PCM interface
    �� UART interface with programmable baud rate
    �� Compact size (26x14.5x2.5mm) can be fit any type of product
    �� RF output power –12dBm -- +18 dBm (class 1).
    �� High receiving sensitivity (-88 dBm 0.1%BER).
    �� Pin to pin compatible with BEM002 class 2 module for cost reduction.
    �� Output interface over USB/UART/PCM/SPI.
    �� Alternative built-in 4M (BEM091-4) flash memory or 8M (BEM091-8) flash memory.

    Disclaimer, I do not work for Ricavision, I just find this thing interesting. Integrating this thing to the headliner, the sunvisor, or even the steering wheel just feed 3.3v to the thing (rated 1.8watts only)(the thing is even used in remotes, so you can use batteries too), and it connects to the PC via bluetooth anyway. Sadly, no touchscreen, but apparently you can add keyboard commands to the thing, and it will relay them wirelessly to the host computer.

    But for me, it is there primarily as a secondary display. For those who can't really integrate a display into the dash, this is another solution to at least solve this problem partially (some have to hide the monitors on RAM mounts, and don't even use the computer on short trips. For music only, this would do fine, I guess, plus some input device, like the space nav. and the like).

    What do you guys think?

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    pretty interesting... I will check this out later , but vista is a burden in the car right now really

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    Something is wrong here:
    Compact size (26x14.5x2.5mm) = 1.023 622 047 24 inch x 0.570 866 141 73 inch x 0.098 425 196 85 inch

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    Hey I just stumbled on this (I know, it's old) but this would be a fantastic nav window mounted somewhere convenient in say the dash, particularly if you could add the controlling buttons on the main touchscreen in the console.

    Looks to be about the same size as most mobile phone screens. So easy enough to fit in somewhere. You could even use it with XP using the extended desktop. Ahhh if only I had time and money to play.
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