Hello there, Let me introduce myself briefly. I drive a Mazda MX-3 and i've been reading these forums for weeks now and reading up on din touch screens for my carputer.

pic of the puter:

I cant decide between 2 screens :
first one - > K90 . 16:9 - 300:1 contrast and looks bit more robuste

Second - > CL7701NT . 15:9 200:1 contrast bit more fragile with amp and fm wich i wont use @ all .

Both are about the same price. I realy cant decide i havn't seen any of them in real life so far, so i hope that some of you can give me some+ and - points of both screens so i can make my decision Or some first hand experience with the screens. About durability and image quality and readability in the car.

If you have any other suggestions about In din touch screens of around 300 euro feel free to tell me please

Thanks in advance