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Thread: Big Computer 17" LCD's in a car but stealthed ;) Can it be done

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    Big Computer 17" LCD's in a car but stealthed ;) Can it be done

    Hey everyone.

    I have a few lcd's around and i figured it would make cruising much better if i had some sort of media setup in the car.

    Anyway they are 17" LCD's with VESA style mounts. I thought that with one of them i might mount it so it sits under the glove compartment and can be pulled out on some sort of frame to be right infront of the passenger, and it can be then tilted and moved left and right ( so rear passengers can see ). For the other monitor i thought i might mount it under the passenger seat and in a similar method have it able to swing out for the passengers in the rear.

    One issue i can think of is power, and the other issue is controlling it. I heard you can get touch screen film for displays but im thinking that might be a bit expensive so for now...

    Has anyone rigged up systems and mounting systems simmilar to this? The major emphasis is stealth, as my car has no alarm system whatsoever and it would be easy to break into. If they stole the whole car i wouldnt mind that much.. lol the market value according to my insurance mob is about 3x what i would get for sellin it.. haha.

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    yep it can be done wish you luck

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    It can be done, but certainly not easily.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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