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    Screen Flip


    I have my carputer installation almost complete. Just one small problem. I have installed it in an 01' Renault Laguna II. I'm using a Lilliput GL-701 7" touchscreen and a carputer bought from this site :P . The laguna has a radio door that covers the radio compartment completely. I'm aiming to keep this intact so as to keep prying eyes off the hardware. The only way that I could get the screen to operate in a useable fashion was to mount the lilliput upside down. This provides the perfect angle to operate the screen as when I mount it the right way up, the radio door interferes with the opening of the screen.

    My problem is that there is no way to flip the screen from the lilliput menu. Also, the gfx card in the carputer doesn't have drivers that allow screen rotation. The gfx card is an integrated VIA S3 Unichrome 128mb shared memory card. I have installed pivot software and while it does the job, it disables a few directX features and generaly decreases graphics performance. Has anyone tried to physically rotate the lcd display by dismantling the display? If not, does anyone have any other solution? I will be taking apart the unit today and I'm going to try and rotate the LCD display but I doubt there will be enough length on the existing connections to allow this. Wish me luck :P

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    Before you rip that thing open, try a software solution like Powerstrip or iRotate.

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    I don't think the Lilliput has this capability. Since your graphics card drivers don't have the functionality, you can use something like PowerStrip to accomplish the screen flip.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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