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Thread: Markus Zhender Plugin Config Files

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    Markus Zhender Plugin Config Files

    I'm trying to configure the output of his plugin, but it's confusing me. Can anyone post their .ini files for this plugin? I have a 40x4 and want to use the spectrum analyser, so if anyone has managed this, please post their ini file here. Thanks.
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    I havent got the specturm analyzer to work, but one thing i read is that it wont work if you have custom characters turned on. now, i dont really know how to turn them off, but i read that at the forum for the Markus Zhender plugin.
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    the custom chars are used for the spectrum analyser!
    the first is that you configure a key to start/stop the spectrum analyser in the plugins last menue -
    Then you 'll have to make winamp starting the vis plugin directly when it starts - so now it should work -

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    Try my config for a 40X4 LCD.
    Spec analyzer doesn't work with the new release but you can live without it =)
    rename the file to .ini to use it and make sure you have the latest version installed.

    I attached it as .exe
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