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Thread: problem with 7'' xenarc tsv monitor

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    problem with 7'' xenarc tsv monitor

    Im having problems with the brightness setting on the monitor after I shut down the carputer. It suppose to remember the last state of brightness, contrast, phase, ect.. But when I start my car, it starts out with what I left off with on the setting, but as soon as windows boot up to the wxp desktop. It always go to 33 brightness from last state brightness of 95. I called Xenarc ,they told me it should save it in the memory of the monitor it self. They said it might be a problem inside of the monitor if it not remembering the last setting of the monitor. It just suck to keep setting the brightness every time I start my car.

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    I have same problem on my xenarc, I didn't bought it new and don't need it, so I don't care.
    My xenarc remember backlight setting but not brightness/contrast..

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    I have the same problem. They told me it's a known issue with some older versions. Here is what they said about getting a new one.

    Replacement control boards can be purchased ($115 + shipping), but we will
    need the old control board sent back to us before we can ship out the new
    one. Please complete the RMA form at and
    follow the outlined procedures.

    Please note, this part is non-refundable and does not carry any type of

    Xenarc Technical Support
    [email protected]
    When I asked about any way of getting the control board without sending my old one first, they said I could not.

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    anyone find a fix for the brightness restart for 700tsv monitor? other then replacing the controller board?

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    Bitter sweet to know I am not the only one with this problem.

    I will avoid xenarc next time. I installed a 629 lilli in my brothers vehicle and it's beautiful.

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