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Thread: lilliput replacement cable on ebay!

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    lilliput replacement cable on ebay!

    i know somebody will want this,

    maybe this person has more, cuz i know nobody keeps these things in stock!!!!
    your welcome!!!

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    I ordered a bunch from Digikey a few weeks ago and it arrived in 2 days, I'll find the part number when I get home. It's actually a few inches longer and better built than the stock lilliput part..

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    I'm actually the guy selling these, if u haven't figured it out lol... anyway they are the digikey ribbons they are the 6" ones.... and yeah they are great, super high quality... the only downfall from buying from digikey is if u don't spend atleast 25 bucks(i think its 25) you hafta pay a 5 dollar handling charge. which is why i chose to buy a bunch of them. i also have bought ribbons for the button panels, i bought 2 14 pin cables, modified them to be 13 pin. 1 is in my lilliput eby701 the other is for sale if anybody wants it. If u need these ribbons j/ send me a pm

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