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Thread: LCD questions

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    LCD questions

    Hey, new guy here...just some questions about lcd screens (might be covered somewhere, sorry too tired to search)

    1) Are laptop monitors compatible with a car pc system? If so, what cables would I need to connect it?

    2) Are PS One monitors compatible? Again, what cables would be necessary?

    3) If I buy a normal 5.6" LCD TFT mobile screen, how do I connect it to the pc? Do I use the TV out on the vid card? What cables do I need?

    These questions probably seem pretty basic to you, but I am new to mp3car and know pretty much nothing about computers, so any help is appreciated. If you have websites covering these topics, please post...anything else is also appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    For question 1 & 2 please search!! beeing tired is not a valid excuse !

    3.) 5.6" RCA TFT - connect to TVout of vid crd and connect via video chinch cable - looks like -=-------------------=-

    So search a bit - that would also give you some ideas ! PS-One screen has been discussed much times - laptop screens also -


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