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Thread: Touchscreen monitor with the ideal dimensions?

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    Touchscreen monitor with the ideal dimensions?


    I've been lurking around this forum for some time now, only registered today. HUGE amount of info here, very difficult to read everything!

    A little info about me... I have a 1993 Mercedes W124 220E that I want to customize with a discreet but functional carpc. This Carpc idea has been on my mind for quite some time and now I have the right car and its the right time...

    So, besides the normal "Newb questions" that everyone has when tackling a project like this, I have a rather important situation to resolve before starting: the LCD monitor...

    The monitor has to be limited to a max height of 12cms (11cms would be great) because I want to go the "whole nine yards" and make it fit nicely here:

    The AC dials and the 3 buttons in the middle are going to replace the ashtray that is immeaditly below the current head unit. The other misc buttons (the top row) are going into the same area as the window switches (lower part of the next pic):

    With that said, I need a monitor that can fit into where the AC controls were initially and that part has a max height of 12cms.

    I've been looking around and most of the screens have heights that exceed the 12cms... Does anyone know of a "special" monitor the suits my needs?

    Or, does anyone know if I can take a monitor and remove the outter casing, fitting only the screen?

    Thanks for all your help... The rest of the doubts will be posted in the correct area (NEWBIE area )

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    So, no suggestions?

    What about opening the monitor's case and installing only the display panel? This could also be the answer for installing the monitor on the Merc...


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