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Thread: double-convert DVI/HDMI cable

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    double-convert DVI/HDMI cable

    Im going to wire a video cable from the rear of my truck to the front where the xenarc will be.

    My carputer has a dvi output, and the xenarc has a dvi input. However, I'd rather not deal with snaking a cable with the huge DVI head under ther carpet from rear to front.

    Will there be any problems with just snaking a hdmi cable through, then putting DVI adapters on the ends? Im just not sure about going from DVI to HDMI and then back to DVI. I just want to be sure before I pay the $ and do the work.

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    you can get a couple of these types of adapters (though they're not in stock there):

    I don't see why it wouldn't work, though I don't think snaking the dvi cable will be any harder than the hdmi if you're just going underneath the carpet

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    DVI<->HDMI is pin compatible, so no signal loss. Just going one way or the other causes loss or clipping because the video levels are different though, but you won't have that trouble.

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