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Thread: Looking for good a 8" touchscreen

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    Looking for good a 8" touchscreen


    I'm looking for a good 8" touchscreen.
    This size is the max that fits in my car.
    What is a good 8" screen right now on the market?
    I prefer a widescreen, but it's not a must.

    In the shop I see a
    Lilliput 8" Widescreen VGA Touchscreen 889GL-80NP
    But when I read the reactions here for this screen.. they are not really good

    I have also an eye on the VM84 8.4in TFT-LCD

    What other 8 inches are there on the market that are good?

    And maybe a stupid question.... but how do you guys turn the screen on,
    and acces the settings of the screen when you build the screen in the dash ??

    Like this one..

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    Ok... forget above!!
    The whole day I've looked on different websites for touchscreens hehe.
    There are 2 screens that I have chosen:


    Xenarc 840TSV

    * For In-Car Computing, PC, Server, GPS, POS, and various VGA Use
    * 4-wire resistive Touch Screen (USB)
    * Multi-Monitor Touchscreen Support
    * VGA Input (15 pin D-SUB) x 1 & Video Input x 2
    * Audio Input x 3 / Built-in Speaker
    * NTSC / PAL Multi-System
    * 4x3 Aspect Ratio
    * High Resolution Display - up to 1024 x 768
    * High-Brightness CCFL
    * High Performance Image and Video Signal Processor
    * Auto power-on upon signal detection
    * Automatic display adjustment
    * On Screen Display Control
    * Desktop Stand: 360 / Height Adjustment
    * VESA 75mm mounting holes
    * 26-Pin heavy-duty connector
    * Anti Glare Coating
    * Supports 11V DC ~ 24V DC

    And 2...

    CTF840 - VGA 8.4" TFT - Touchscreen USB

    LCD Size 8.4" Aspect Ratio 4:3
    VGA Resolutions 640x480-1024x768 Physikal resolution 800x600
    Dot resolution 2400x600 Brightness 400
    VGA Input D-SUB 15 Video Input 3x PAL/NTSC (RCA)
    Audio Input 2x RCA (Stereo) Touchscreen USB
    Case color black Power Input 12-24VDC
    Power Consumption 10W Case size 232 x 162 x 36 mm
    Visible area 171 x 130 mm Certificates CE
    Weight 650 Bauform On-Dash
    Warranty months 24

    So these 2 are the ones I maybe want to buy.
    I want some reactions from you what screen is the better one of these.

    Please give me some advice.
    I'm getting crazy now

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    I have a lilliput 889gl and I like it.

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    Yes.. but my choise is fallen on these two
    The liliput connector is not very friendly... it's build a bit crappy I think.

    Please some more replys??

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    I'd suggest running a search on here for those model numbers and see what people's experiences are.

    Not everyone has experience with every product on the market.
    Jan Bennett
    FS: VW MKIV Bezel for 8" Lilliput - 95% Finished

    Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!

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    I'm going to buy the 10.4 inch from the topic above

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