Hello all , i need some help , a friend of mine gave me these two screens , am currently in process of taking and uploading pics of tthe screens and the "video input" , im new to these style screens and need to know what kind of cable goes to them , ive never seen these b4 , one looks identical to a ps/2 from my computer , the other ive never seen ,

main question though is , what is the specific name of these connectors and what exactly would i need in order to connect these to a pc in my truck ? i see no external power input so im assuming they take power via the plug , theres no cut wire or hole where one would go so ...

one of the screens was a flip down , for the roof of a veichle , the back had XO vision SH57 , yet the man website has nothing useful in the way of tech support ,

please help , im in dire need of a carputer and these free screens are hope in the far disance ,

one has 2 then 3 then 3 for a total of 8 pins , need to id this plug , the other has a total of 6 wire pins and a black center , this is a common ps2 port for keyboards and mice , i need to know what kind of equipment i need to make these function as monitors for a forthcomming truckputer...

thanks in advance for all the help !