hello all , i have two screens that are from xo vision and i do not know what kind of plug they use , could you id them for me and tell me what do i have to do to install them for use as a carputer screen ? i have pics of the plugs uploaded here somewhere , one is identical to a ps/2 keyboard/mouse plug for a computer , the other has an 8 pin which appears to be female yet is not , its a male , yet it takes 8 in 2 3 3 rows , i have never ever seen that one before and i would like to know what i have to do to get them useable , any links to wiki or tuts would be very helpful thank you in advance ,

EDIT: ok ive narrowed it down to one 8 pin mini din and one 6 pin mini din ,

now the question is how do i connect these to the computer ? what must i do ??