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Thread: Touchscreen pointer jumps to right edge

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    How can you be so sure its simply a hardware fault when driver software in general can be one of the most problematic areas of windows.

    This issue hadn't shown its face until 2007 as far as I can remember.

    Broken overlays and wonky controller cards aside, Im sure some of these problems are software related.

    Sometimes my TS isn't even detected by windows, other times it works fine... for a while. Sometimes when I click the screen and hold, the pointer wanders to the left, but I can't reproduce it clinically, it just happens at random.

    Im going to search out one of the original drivers tonight if I can and try that. I have an original Lilli Driver CD somewhere

    What we need is a nice new batch of LED backlit 7" XGA touchscreens with polarised transflective overlays... For less than 130+P&P - That might convince me to buy a new one

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    Was that for me ShawJohn?

    I don't know how much more could I be sure as when I replaced the touch panel & controller with new ones (new controller was identical with the old one), my problems where gone. And the problematic ones where tested in 3 different PC's, with many different drivers and the problem occurred suddenly without any changes to the software at the first place.

    But sure, that was just my case..

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    this drives me crazy. touchscreen works for about 5 - 10 minutes and suddenly mouse starts jumping around and relaxes after a while and starts again.

    temperature issue?

    so how to replace a controller? how does it look like? where to get new one? etc. thx

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    I bought touch element + controller from (came from china) for ~30
    They look like this:

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