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Thread: Touch Screens ultra fragile?

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    Touch Screens ultra fragile?

    I've got an 8" Dynamix Touch Screen LCD Display.

    The first one I got wouldn't even detect a touch to calibrate it so I sent it back and got a different one.

    This one worked, so I decided to take it apart and try and integrate it into my Acura TL.

    I got the video portion to work but could never get the touch screen to map correctly. I tried different combinations of the 4 wires but never could get it to work.

    So I attached everything back to the original controller and tried using it on the computer I tested it on and it won't work there either. It detects the presence of a touch, but the mouse just jumps off the screen.

    Are these things that fragile or is this a junk display company? The lcd itself is a Hitachi and like I said, it works fine, but the touch screen is wacked. Would a Xenarc be of higher quality or are they all going to be like this?

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    I've answered my own question.

    I had gotten a panel from motorcity that had a torn flat cable. I patched it up and it works fine. However, the fix is so close to the edge of the panel that it might not be very reliable.

    So I guess these Dynamix screens are absolute garbage.

    Can anyone tell me what make/model/brand of touch monitors or just a touch kit would be more durable?

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