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Thread: Lilliput EBY701 fuse?

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    Lilliput EBY701 fuse? Need help please.

    Is there a fuse or something on the eby701 board? If so where is it and how do I tell if its blown? I was installing my screen last night for the final install and I think a wire must have touched somewhere it shouldn't have now I get no power to the screen. However, when I short out this one capacitor with a wire it powers the screen again, but it gets too hot. If anyone can help or has a board I can buy or trade for(I have a working 8.4" but the touchscreen isn't working and no case) that would be great. Also if more pictures or info is needed let me know. Thanks.

    EDIT: Also, when I plug the buttons in they are all on. The power button is red and the button leds are all blue but not as bright as they should be. Pushing the power button or any other button has no affect; same with the remote.

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    no insight?

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    Measure the resistance on the resistor marked 270. these are surface mount resistors and are easy to replace, just don't have your soldering iron too hot. Anyway measure resistance of the good one, to see if it is 270 ohm or 270 Meg ohm or whatever than replace the burnt one. It is hard to tell from your pics but it looks like the one leg from the surface mount cap you are shorting, goes through that resistor to regulate it's current. This is probably why it gets hot when you short it, because it is not being regulated. As far as the other cap, the specs in farads or microfarads are either printed on the board or also on the cap itself. Make sure you replace componants with like compaonants, ie. the cap at the bottom is a electrolytic and etc. Have fun.
    It is probably 100 micro farad at 25 Volt just like the one next to it. Also it looks like that cap has a bad soldder connection at the outer leg looking at the pic. Make sure you resolder the connection. It is possible that whatever happened the board got hot, loosened the connection on the electrolytic cap, which caused a spike, burning the resistor, which gave you an open circuit.
    Oh course this is all speculation as I am just looking at pictures. The parts are all cheap and available at JameCo or Mouser. Have Fun.

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