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Thread: What is the best gooseneck for lilliput 629gl?

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    What is the best gooseneck for lilliput 629gl?

    Just found this site and i have been looking at the great installs you guys have come up with, unfortunately i cant modify the dash of my 96 grand cherokee too much as i plan on selling a few months from now.

    I want to use a gooseneck for my lilliput 629gl hooked up to my xbox 1 that i installed xbox media center on its just like a carputer minus the gps =) (once i sell this car im planning on getting an 04 grand cherokee and setting that up with a carputer, depending on how this xbox 1 does)

    anyhow i have my eyes on these goosenecks.

    and last but not least the two 15" goosenecks on the middle of this page. I have been searching for hours and i havent read up on anything that says any one of these will fit the 629gl perfectly

    thanks , volks

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    i know someone out there can help me out

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    Those mounts are for 1/2 slide mount. If you have that on the back of your screen then it will fit.

    I'm currently looking for a goose neck too but pyle is expensive. I don't think it is worth 35 bucks.

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    I bought the gooseneck from mobilevideo4less.

    Was dismayed that the tab that slides into back channel of lilli 629 was too large.

    Then I discovered this neat retro device on my workbench called a "grinder."

    Grinded sucessfully - tab now fits fine - lilli installed on gooseneck.

    Best of luck and blessings.
    Happy CarPC'ing!

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