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Thread: No power Lilliput 619

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    No power Lilliput 619

    Hey guys,

    Heres the details, last week i was finishing up my bezel for my carputer when i broke the main ribbon cable going to the lcd. I ordered a replacement from Digikey for $30 bucks. I installed the cable went into my car, plugged up the lilliput and hit the power button but it wont turn on. I tried everything from flipping the ribbon cable (just to make sure the contacts should point Down correct?) but nothing worked. The barrel plug is getting the correct power, i checked it with a multimeter. I took the board home and took it apart, i have looked about 3 times and still havent seen a blown fuse, capacitor or anything blown period. Anyone have any ideas as to why this is not working? Ill try to post pictures of the board later today so maybe one of you can see whats wrong.

    Thanks Guys

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    what was the p/n for the ribbon cable, mine broke too

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