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Thread: Screen Goes Black

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    Screen Goes Black

    Hi there. I'm not sure if i have posted this in the right place or not but here goes.

    Basically I have a Compaq D530, which has basically been stripped and upgraded to 2.8GHz Intel Pentium 4, 2GB RAM, 40GB HDD, DVD ROM, Windows XP SP2 with latest updates
    I am using the M2-ATX to power the PC.

    I have had this issue ever since I connected this computer in my car.

    I setup and configured the Computer in my room on the original Power Supply, and i don't remember having this problem and i never had it on my old carPC

    With this computer connected in my car, my screen goes black every now and then. It doesn't say "No Signal" it just goes black. The computer will still work in the background because the touch screen still works and music continues to play etc. The first thing i did was remove my Graphics Card and use the onboard (Thinking that perhaps the graphics card was dodgy) But it still does it on the onboard card.

    It used to do it when i turn the volume of my Car Audio up (My Sub and Amp are connected too) So then i thought it might be Interference on the vga cable from the magnetic fields from my sub, as it runs near my Sub. So i moved the vga cable well away from the sub to eliminate any possible interference from my sub. This still hasnt fixed the problem. It also seemed to do it if my lights were on and other essential car circuits were powered. After leaving the car running for a while (to charge the battery) the screen didnt die as often. Sometimes it will die if the computer is doing alot of work.

    I have tried different Graphics drivers for my onboard card and it still does it so i settled for the latest Graphics drivers.
    I know it's not the screen because i plugged my laptop in and it works absolutely fine.
    My only other idea is that it could be a power issue. Perhaps my Car Battery is too Rubbish to power all the devices in my car, like Lights, Audio, Sub, Computer, and the power supply gets the 12v that it needs, to run, but doesn't get enough power so it drops the graphics??
    Or the M2-ATX isn't powerful enough to power my CarPC and all the devices connected to it. I have about 6 different USB devices connected, 2 Case Fans, 1 CPU fan, 1 HDD and 1 DVD ROM.

    I don't want to spend money trying to fix it until i know the problem really. I don't want to buy a new power supply unless i know this will fix it. Or buy another battery again i don't want to do until i know this is the problem.
    Has anyone had a similar problem?

    Many Thanks

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    Sorry I have not had that problem.
    Working on my Comp TIA training.

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