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Thread: Did I fry my Gamevue LCD?

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    Did I fry my Gamevue LCD?

    Ok, so I bought a Gamevue LCD back in July. I promptly took it apart when I got it (hey, it's a habit) then realized I didn't have an immediate use for it and off to the side of the workbench it went. Fast forward to tonight (yes, almost 5 months later) I decide I might have a use for it. After spending a little too much time remembering how to hook everything up, I get it powered up and see this...

    and think that the right hand side is toast. After hooking up a signal to it, I get this...

    and realize it is the left side that isn't working.

    So, back to the point of this post... is the LCD broke, or is something hooked up wrong.
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    when i was first screwing around with LCD's i had a part's express 4" LCD that just had RCA out. When all was hooked up (all I had to provide to it was the voltage and of course the RCA signal) the LCD would seem to 'half power up'. There would be no picture but what it looked like was that half of the backlight would be on. The left side and corner would be lit up (no picture though) but the right side, nothing. So I realized I was giving the LCD the wrong amount of voltage from my ATX PSU. I was giving it the lower end of the voltage and that is why it only 'half powered up'. Check to make sure you are giving it enough power. That's about all I can tell you...

    Hope that helps ;o)
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    Ive got a 5" lcd that takes rca input, so it might be similar. Its got a separate decoder board, then theres a ribbon cable that sends the signal to the LCD. Check to make sure the cable hasnt slid out at all, on mine theres a connector that the ribbon just slides into and gets locked into.
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    I had something similar happen to an LCD i had, but it was that the cable that fed the information to the LCD itself was loose. Those orange things on the sides that connect to the glass, make sure there isnt a rip or anything in them. That would be my guess.


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