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Thread: TS Issue: X-axis calibration drift.

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    Exclamation TS Issue: X-axis calibration drift.

    In light of some recent finds in this thread it was decided best to start a new thread so here it is

    IMO this issue with the pointer shifting left is driver related and nothing to do with the physical touchscreen overlay or the controller. I suspect its the update recently released on Windows Update which is the source of the problem, can anyone else confirm this.

    Every now and then, the pointer shifts its x-axis linearisation settings in some kind of logarithmic manor, ie. the further left you go, the closer to touch point the pointer appears, and on touching the exrteme right edge, pointer appears central on screen.
    If you recalibrate whilst this is happening, it fixes it.. Till it drifts again, then the affect appears reversed.


    Sometimes it stays that way, other times it only last a few minutes.

    My feeling is that one of the .net based program which I run is conflicting with the TS driver somehow.

    Tomorrow I'll rollback so if it cures it.

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    It's no driver issue. You just described the demise of all three of my touch panels - word for blessed word. My screens have been doing this since before carpc was even a word. Try this -->

    Good luck and be sure to report back with your results.

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