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Thread: Replacement touchscreen panel for Xenarc 705tsv?

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    Replacement touchscreen panel for Xenarc 705tsv?

    So I cracked my touchscreen panel(not the lcd) and need a new one. Does anyone know if this one here will work in a 705tsv?

    TP700-4W #16154 - 7" 4-Wire Resistive Touchscreen Panel - Direct replacement of our 700TS, 700TSV, 700TR Touchscreen Monitors.

    I've emailed Xenarc support, but no response.

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    Nobody has any idea? No response from mp3car store or xenarc either......

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    I got a response from Xenarc, just thought I would pass this info along in case anyone else runs into my same problem:

    Unfortunately, the two panels are not compatible. Currently, we do not have any replacement touch panels available. We will contact you when we get them in stock.

    Price for the replacement touch panel should be the same as the 700-series touch panel, $45.

    Xenarc Technical Support
    [email protected]

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