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Thread: how to fix your disfunctional touch panel

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    nice post

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    numbers you are the man... used a heat gun and applied even heat on a glass tabletop till it was pretty warm to the touch and pressed evenly with my hand and let it cool down... installed and voila!!!! working even when it's hot. Before this i had the problem of my touchscreen working and failing intermittently and the usb chime would go bonkers registering the unregistering until it would say in the system tray "unrecognized usb device failed". Now no problems. I dunno what i'd do without forums like this

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    OK So I was offroading and found a Innovatek LM-7508 that was in the dirt. I had been there for some time, and while the LCD was good, the touch glass was shattered/missing.

    Anyway, I spent a while and took it apart, I replaced the 2 burst power coupling capacitors, (I assume why it had been discarded in the desert to begin with, it still had a CD in the drive) and cleaning out the years worth of sand, dust, rocks, and insect carcasses, and actually got it to power on, but the touch glass is still missing.

    It's a 6.5" screen, any idea on where I can find a 4 wire 6.5" touch panel for it? I am an expert at soldering, so I can make the wiring work, so long as it is electrically the same.


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    does anyone have any tips for reattatching the ribbon cable to the traces on the touchpanel? mine came apart.
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    I tried this on my FA1042-NP/C/T, but it only worked for a couple of days.

    Does anyone know where I can find a replacement drop-in overlay? I've seen numerous 4 wire resistive overlays on Ebay, but I'm not sure if they'd be compatible with a Lilliput.

    Btw, Lilliput's customer service is a f***ing joke.
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    Quote Originally Posted by numbers View Post
    I'll start by saying that this worked for me and is not necessarily guaranteed to work for you. That said, I would LOVE to hear how it turns out if you do choose to give this a try.

    video -->

    it was just as simple as it looks.

    Well that about does it. I do hope that this works for someone else as well as it worked for me. And PLEASE reply and let me (and others) know one way or the other if you try it.
    It worked on my Sony Location Free TV with a 12.1-inch 4-wire resistive touchscreen. I used a standard bic as the heat source along all 4 edges
    FAR OUT !!

    Thanks again
    From Wonderful Waxahachie,TX

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    Just tried this method to repair a failing touchpanel. Mine was modified by the MP3car store with the transflective upgrades so just replacing it (would have been my first option) was not an option at $300.

    It was failing intermittantly. I will post back with results. Looks like a lot of you had good success
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    Thanks Numbers, this happened to me a few years back and I just bought another Lilli from Mp3car.
    This time when it happened, I decided to do some research first; so glad I did.

    My (second) Liili 619 was working perfect and then wouldn't respond unless I touched on the far right side of panel- and then it would take the cursor out of view. So I read your post and tried the lighter on the edge, no change. I read some more, then I got out my heat gun and heated all the edges; and BAM- back in business. I heated it on some 3/4" MDF and placed another piece of MDF on top and let it cool.

    So thanks again, you saved my some $$$; a few hundred of them.

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