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Thread: help me out with this 'concept'

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    help me out with this 'concept'

    Ok I HATE round gauges that take away from the look of a dash. I know just putting a bunch of gauges is cool to some but I want something different.

    I've made this concept drawing of what I'd like to do. It maybe a vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) to match my stock info center display but for the most part this is what I want to do.

    Simple display that does some very minimal things, here is a breakout diagram of the task required.

    Basically I need to figure out the contents of the black box what IC's that need to go into it and what is required to make this work.

    the output from the gauges are 0.01 to 5 volts so my data flow thinking is.

    0.01 - 5.00 volts <------> read input voltage @ a few times a seconds (ex 10.0 psi = 4.16 volts) <-----> covert to hex output <-----> send to display

    since the display only takes hex input and I don't want to run it off of my carputer I want this completely separate.

    The Lincoln suspension display is 21 LED's 10 for up 10 for down and one in the middle for stock height. I would love to integrate this into the display because thats one less black box sitting in my glove compartment.

    any idea kids?

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    I already have an car pc, but this display need to be independent of the car pc because if it goes down or i'm doing something else I want this critical information to be available.

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