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Thread: White screen of death - Lilliput EBY701

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    White screen of death - Lilliput EBY701

    After putting my Lilliput in a different enclosure, I now have a white screen of death. I've reseated the ribbon cable several times and I am thinking I may have crimped the ribbon cable. From searching that seems to be the common cable - I was assuming it was the wide, white ribbon from the large controller board to the smaller one that hooks to the display, correct?

    Could this be anything else besides the cable? I'm becoming desperate.. this is part of a project... and its due tomorrow night!

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    Went ahead and ordered an entire display since I need this working by tomorrow night. I guess I'll figure out which part it is. Hopefully I'll be able to sell the second display after I rob (hopefully) just the ribbon cable.

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    you can get those ribbon cables just about anywhere that sells carpc related stuff now. They're nice and cheap(ish -for a silly flat cable I guess) and could restore your wsod'd eby701 to fully working.

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    I know, unfortunately I couldn't find anyone that had them in stock otherwise I would have gladly spent $6 instead of $234 (with next day shipping) on a whole new display. I'm planning on just stealing the cable from the new display anyway.

    My CarPC setup is for a school project due tomorrow night so I panicked and contacted someone with an EBY701 and got it next dayed... now I just have to hope UPS doesn't f* up.

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