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Thread: CTF700-SH vs MP3car Transflective

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    CTF700-SH vs MP3car Transflective

    So after some research it really comes down to these 2 screens as the best available (for under $1000 that is.) I've seen a lot of comparisons of the MP3car trans vs stock Lilliput/Xenarcs, and the same for the CTF700-SH, but no direct comparison between the two.

    Has anyone with deep pockets ever done a side-by-side? The LED lighting and lilliput frame (screw in!) seem to make the MP3car trans ideal, but I've heard a lot of good things about the CTF700-SH aswell. I figure for $800, I might as well get the best of the best - so which holds the title?

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    I am also curious about this.

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