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Thread: Xenarc 1020TSV Video Noise Ground Problem

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    Xenarc 1020TSV Video Noise Ground Problem

    I have video noise that I believe is due to a grounding problem. But I think it is a serious issue with my monitor.

    My monitor is getting negative power from the VGA input from my CarPC and from my RCA video input from my head unit. If I only have the positive power lead on my power input attached and do not have the negative attached, I will still get the monitor powered with attaching either video source. Is this normal or is this a defective monitor?

    I have run noise filters on the power sources to no avail. I have not hooked all devices to the same ground source yet, but I do run the LCD and CarPC off the same Carnetix 2140 power supply. However, I can't believe that I would get negative ground through video cables. Is there some short inside my monitor?

    Thx for your input!


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    If the noise is coming from the internal speaker, unfortunately this is a problem known by Xenarc. I have been told that they are working on it but no real fix for the time being unless you want one of the older screens. I suggest you contact them to discuss your options, will be interesting to hear if you get the same relpies I did.

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    You mean the internal speaker actually produces video interference?

    When I spoke to a tech at Xenarc, he had no idea if negative ground could provide power if it came in through a video source. He had nothing really to offer since it does not occur on my test bench with wall power.

    He said I could try a ground loop isolator, but those are RCA based filters and I do not know if they can be used for power. I don't know how I could possible put one in-line with a VGA source.

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