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Thread: Last Minute Issue with Lilliput Touchscreen Please Help

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    Last Minute Issue with Lilliput Touchscreen Please Help


    I am finally putting all my stuff togather tonight in about few hours. However My lilliput is just no co-operating here. I installed drivers and lilliput touchscreen worked for 5 minutes. Now no touch screen at all. I tried every usb port on my computer. I reinstalled driver, downloaded new one from website and no luck. Please anyone help me here.


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    make sure the conectors are attatched inside the lilliput

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    Do you get a "ding" when you plug the screen in? And you have been restarting between driver installs right? No that is not just an unneccessary step, it updates and helps clean the gunk out of the registry.
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    I don't get dink, and it seems like windows does not recognize. Thing sometimes it recognizes for second, when I connect and remove middle connectors sometimes. However I dont get it is why it worked fine for almost 5 minutes at first.

    And I am rebooting between installs.


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