Hey people,

I Have a problem with my screen.

have a provision 8 inch TFT touchscreen

A few weeks ago, in one way or another the screen to much currency and the input of the screen broke and damaged the VGA of my motherboard to.

I had someone repair my TFT and he only wanted to tell me that "somewhere" something jumped by electricity. It cost me 75 euros.

screen worked perfectly... for a while

after testing it in the car again it worked could until my carpc was logging into XP!
it didn't get any signal anymore !!!!!!!!!! (it was still on, but with no input from the VGA).

Now let me (before I buy a new one) see if there is just something simple blown or so around the input screen/cable.

maybe in this forum there will be enough people who can advise me!

a link to photos of the inside of screen, maybe you can tell me where I should look and whether or not something is blown!

Please help!

from holland!


links to the pics just in case they don't show here