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Thread: LED Backlighting (brightness control?)

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    LED Backlighting (brightness control?)

    in an effort to make our displays more readable, I will be experimenting with LED backlighting via some smt white leds placed around the plastic collector. is there any way to retain the brightness control on the lilliput controller board? is it operated by voltage adjustment before it sees the inverter, so that one could just cut out the inverter components?

    my guess is no, since voltage adjustments before the transformer would mean big time changes after. im thinking the best way is to use a photosensor with a fusion brain to adaptively control it, based on the amount of light hitting the screen. any thoughts?


    going through some searching, answering my own questions.

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    Screens that have a separate board for inverter (my xenarc 700idt does), have a control pin in the inverter connector used to control screen backlight.

    Normally you get full brigh at 0V and minimum (off) at 3.3V.

    Have a look at

    If your lilliput has a separate board for the inverter it will be very easy to get this signal from the four pin connector.

    Anyway, i think the photosensor is a very good option for auto backlight control.
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