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Thread: Lcd Lb070w02....wiring Help

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    Unhappy Lcd Lb070w02....wiring Help

    I have this screen LG.PHILIPS LCD LB070W02, from the screen there is a pink,white,red, wire and the thing that comes of the screen(don't know what its called) the gold skinny thingy.My question is how do i wire it up, video cable, not for my carputer but my dvd deck. i do have the board for this but don't know how to wire it because the screen was detached from a portable dvd player.

    the red wire is on the outer plate of the screen only so i believe thats ground.

    so on the board how do i wire so i can get av out and power???

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    Here is the datahsheet , you can know how to deal with it :

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